Thursday, September 19, 2013

Theee Proposal!

Okay, so this a very long overdue post. But here is is finally - MY ENGAGEMENT STORY!!!

So let me give you some background info. Andy & I had been talking about getting engaged for a long time so I knew it was going to happen sometime this year - I just had no idea when! We really wanted to wait until Andy graduated from school, which is in December 2013, in case you were wondering we why waited a few years. And let me tell you is was SO hard to watch so many couples that were younger than us or hadn't been dating as long as Andy & I get engaged. It was tough, but finally our time is here!!

A few days before Andy popped the question I went on a walk with Kourtney [my sister] and we were talking about when we would get engaged and I told her that I didn't think Andy & I were going to get engaged until maybe the fall or even early next year. It was the end of July and Andy would only be home for a couple more weeks. There just didn't seem to be any time left to get engaged as silly as that sounds. The rest of the summer was booked with things we had to do. 

So then on July 27th, my 23rd birthday, Andy & I went to Chicago just for fun. We rode the ferris wheel at Navy Pier and I don't know why, but I kept thinking while we were up there that this would be the PERFECT place to propose. I even felt his pocket to see if there was a ring in it [I apparently wasn't very sly and he totally knew what I was doing after I asked him a few days later]. But there was nothing. Not even a trace. Not gonna lie - I was bummed! But let it go & went on with our day.

Andy & I on the Ferris Wheel
So then on July 28th I was going to celebrate my birthday with my family & Andy since I was gone on the day of my birthday. The plan was to go to church then Texas Roadhouse for lunch then back home for cake & presents. Since I didn't dress cute on my actually birthday (I wore yoga capris & sneakers since we were going to be walking all day in Chicago) I wanted to look semi cute today[I know I'm a total girly girl]. Now let me tell you I NEVER look cute on Sundays. I just don't. I get up just in time to get ready and look semi-decent for church. But today I decided to wake up early, curl my hair, and wear something cute. That never happens. But who doesn't want to look cute when you're celebrating your birthday? :)

My family and I got to church and there were roses laying up by the pastor and I leaned over and asked Kourtney why there were flowers there and we both just shrugged and figured they were for a lady's birthday in church that was today. After the sermon was over the pastor said we were going to end things differently today and that is when...

Andy came out of nowhere and walked on stage. I immediately knew what was happening and started to cry. I was squeezing Kourtney's hand so hard [thanks sis :)], kept saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh" all while bawling my eyes out. I even let out a squeak. I am such a pretty cryer. I was caught completely off guard and in such shock that everything was such a blur. He talked about our love story, how much he loved me, and all that good stuff :) 

Here's one tid bit that he said... "I realized that it is extremely easy to fall in love with a girl if God continuously points you in her direction." OH MY GOSH. I about lost it. I mean how perfect is that?! 

After he had this beautiful little speech he asked me to come up there & got down on one knee & asked me to marry him! I could not stop hugging him or looking at my FABULOUS ring! It was exactly what I wanted. Seriously it is what I would have picked out! I have yet to stop looking at it! I couldn't believe something that beautiful was on my finger!

It was the absolute perfect proposal. It was everything I wanted & more. He did sooooo good! I am so excited to marry such an amazing man! 


I had a few things I knew I wanted at my proposal & those being...

1. I wanted to look cute. I did not want to be in my sweats & a t-shirt. I wanted to feel pretty & not have to look back on pictures that I look like a hot mess in. And by some miracle I decided to look cute on one Sunday morning. 
2. I wanted my nails painted. I randomly decided I wanted fun pretty birthday nails really late Thursday (July 26th) night. And I used glitter nail polish on all my nails. My nails last way longer when I use glitter nail polish. Thank you God that I chose glitter nail polish otherwise they would have been chipped by Sunday. It's the little things haha
3. I really wanted it videotaped or at least some pictures. Andy had it videotaped by someone we know and now I can watch it over & over & cry all over again whenever I want!

I know these sound so petty and honestly if none of these three would have happened I still would have been the happiest girl ever, but God is good and it worked out PERFECTLY! He blessed us so much that day & continues to do so on our journey to becoming married!

After that we went to TPC John Deere & had brunch with both our families & then I went home to eat birthday cake and open presents. Talk about an awesome weekend!!!

Life is so good. 
Wedding plans are in full swing and we will be saying "I do" on August 2nd, 2014!!

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